The evolution of a brand can be a slow one but in just two years, I guided the transformation from the stereotypical patriotic colors of red, white and blue to a calm yet energetic revitalization to finally a full rebrand of warmer more welcoming purples and oranges.

Platform: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Print

Role: Art director of marketing, Designer of product

As the forerunner for the auto repair and auto community, AutoMD set itself apart by developing one of the first automotive apps that diagnosed, gave quotes, found shops in the area, and provided general self help guides for DIY projects. The foundation started with prototype wireframes and ended with a fully launched iOS and Android app as well as a Silver W3 Award. 

Platform: Mobile 

Role: Lead User Experience Designer 

AutoMD Sign In/Register Screen
AutoMD Flow Chart
AutoMD Services Screen
AutoMD Request Quote Screen
AutoMD Find Shops Screen