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Bourbon Baby, Bourbon

Some say marijuana is the gateway drug but I have to object and say ‘HELLO, Burbon?!?”  So for those who have tried eating babies and know they are more delicious than the adult counterparts, one knows baby burbons are a the perfect mix of not too sweet (but also still sweet like very good burbons) and heavenly sweetness and nose watering scent.

There aren’t too many baby burbons and I’ll go into what constitutes a baby burbon shortly but my favorite by far is Hudson Baby Bourbon, home brewed in New York of all places.  I heard they recently got backed (took a moment here to google right here) by William Grant and Sons who makes Glenfiddich, The Balvenie, and Grant’s whiskey.  So with some muscle backing Hudson, you’ll probably be seeing those small but (I don’t use this likely) adorable small bottles in bars and specialty liquor stores shortly.

Ok so down to the taste and the legitimizing review.


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